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Capitol Cebu

In accor dance with the in provisions of Act. No 3883 of the Philippines Legislature approved on November 14, 1931, as amended by Act. No 4147, approved November 28, 1934, and Republic Act. No. 863, approved June 16, 1953, and in compliance with the rules and regulations Prescribed by the Department of Trade

Management: G. Mahinay

www.solahomes.com is a real estate management platform on the Cebu Philippines undertake general administration, real estate buying, selling, renting, leasing, operation of housing, houses and apartment adjust public can access.

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Manager / Management: G. Mahinay
International Marketing: Juergen Rilling

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  Smart Handy : ( + 63 ) 9186379832;
  Email: service@solahomes.com
  Skype: solahomes

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