Direction to Resort EL Paradiso Sola Homes Inc.

  Your way to the resort EL Paradiso Cebu - Alcoy Philippines...

Your way to the resort EL Paradiso Sola Homes Retirement Village Inc.

We welcome you now sincerely in the Philippines. How to get to our Resort EL Paradiso without stress. We wish you a pleasant stay. For questions or problems with this page provides information how to reach us and how you can reach us.

From the airport ?

Follow the following instructions and note vollgende steps.

Stepp 1 :Take a taxi from the Airport to the South Bus Terminal! Cost approximately € 3.

Stepp 2 : From there, take a in the direction of your choice in a Oslob Aircon or Frischluftbus - Santander, drive along the left bank of the sea. This drive several times a day directly past EL PARADISO. Therefore normally knows each bus driver your destination and return them safely to EL PARADISO Alcoy-Guiwang.Bei further questions please contact us. Because we are already looking forward to seeing you at our resort.

The service on provided by :

Philippines Office :

  GUIWANG, ALCOY, CEBU, 6023 Cebu, Philippinen
  Phone : ( + 63-32 ) 4839673;
  Phone : ( + 63-32 ) 4839065;
  Skype: solahom

Germany Office :
  Ulmenweg 6, 73344 Gruibingen, Germany
  Phone : ( + 49 ) 7335 185238
  Phone : ( + 49 ) 7335 185240
  Fax: ( + 49 ) 7335 185239

Missed Transfer ?

You have missed the transfer? That's no problem.

Stepp 1 : If you have a mobile phone at hand, call the phone numbers in order, starting with the number 1, to, until you get a contact..

Stepp 2 : If you have no cell phone, so you leave 45 minutes after landing, the airport and take a taxi to the Hotel Elegant Circle, right on Fuente Osmenia, and then take the local telephone contact, beginning with the No. 1 with us.

Stepp 3 : you can also equal to 1 night booking (cost about 15 to 50 € depending on the room). Located in the heart of the new city. In this procedure, it is ensured that a longer search procedure will be spared. They can also be easily picked up from there.

Alternative: If this brings everything without results, take easily the bus gem. Section. A) or a taxi which will bring us to quickly and cost then. Our service ladies are received then and take you to your house, apartment or bungalow

Contact El Paradiso

Do not worry also because we can help you further. And that easily.

1. Guard:   Landline: 032-4839673 or 4839065 at the gate, you show the Guards, the booking of your house. You're here to help.

2. Service: Our Service Ladies eg JOAN and LOREY / MEME You will then take you to your house.

3. Our additional service for sale and Entertainment :
  Mobile: + 63 9186379832; + 63 9434908478
 Phone No: +63 32 4839673 Your German contact Miss Gena Mahinay (09434908478; 09399104755) can explain your other questions in your native language German, especially when it comes to purchasing a property.

4. Our architect will help you plan your dream residence architect Margie can help you in all the arch. Questions. Your purchase and service agreement for your residence.

Your contact Philippines.
 Phone : 032-4839069; oder 032-4839673

Your contact Germany.
 Phone : ( +49 )7335-9243500;

 Tel.: Handy: +49-15222515856

Any legal issues edited the owner of the plant Mr. Rilling itself.