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  Jobs in El Paradiso in Ceby - Alcoy Philippines. We are looking for bakers, carpenters, bricklayers, interns, Cars Mechainker...
Our job atthe resort EL Paradiso in Cebu - Alcoy in the Philippinen...


To strengthen our team, we have the following jobs and internships free. Set up your application, please contact the address below. After receiving your application, we will contact as soon as possible with you. Information is available by phone and you can reach us in Germany and the Philippines. When you call us in the Philippines then please pay attention to the Philippines Time + 6 hours

Dringend gesucht

  • 1 bakers
  • 1 Sanitärinstallateur
  • 1 secretary, Phonotypistin
  • Representative for regions Germany
  • 1 car mechanicer
  • 1 Schreiner
  • 1 diving specialists
  • 1 mason or bricklayer master
  • Representative for El Paradiso Philippines
  • 1 swimming pool technician
  • 1 Interns
  • 1 inventor, engineer
  • 1 electrician photovoltaic
  • 1 coachbuilder (plastic) Cars - boatbuilding
  • 1 Zimmermann
  • 1 Sales Representative
  • 1 Place managers, Caretaker, animator
  • 1 cooks, nannies and female cleaners

  • More Wanted in El Paradiso Resort

  • For sale / for rent !
    400 m "Villa and Restauarant and possibly Coffeeshop Beach Bar to lease or sell the water and White Beach. Monthly rent 1200 €, price 179,800.€

  • Sales representative : !
    A good English. speaking seller, or all-forgiving sideline. Construction desirable to identify with our system.

  • Representative offices : !
    searched for El Paradiso. Prerequisite: Engl and German language skills.

  • Secretary, typist : !
    part time wanted with good Engl., German and if possible Filipino language skills for the Philippines. Experience with e-mails.

  • Cooks, nannies and cleaners Interior : !
    searched for El Paradiso. Prerequisite: Engl and German language skills..

  • Representative offices : !
    Magazines in different areas of Germany for the processing of construction interested in the Philippines. The activity can be carried out full or part time.

  • Inventor, engineer : !
    the further development of solar boat, solar UPS systems, wind generators, seawater desalination and similar. sought.

  • lace managers, Caretaker, animator : !
    searched for dt. residence facilities. Construction use and the relevant residence condition. Your responsibilities also included entertainment and collection of investors from the airport.

  • To lease tower and Bistro : !
    may possibly or sell a Erdhausbungalow be rented directly from the water.

  • Perquisite : !
    also possible at home mastered CorelDraw u. enjoy working on the Internet? If desired, Furn. Apartment are provided.

  • Our address :

    We offer students additionally internship immediate application to :
      Phone Germany : 07335-185238
      Phone Cebu Philippines: +63-32-4839673
      Skype: solahome

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