Property Bora Bora Bamboo House.

  Bora Bora is the realization of a South Sea Traumesund ready to move...
Unique Bora Bora Bamboo House EL PARADISO II, Lot No. 46.

Bora Bora - Bamboo House EL PARADISO II, Lot No. 46

It has an approximately 6 meters long, brick and tiled terrace on the ground what the trend in the Philippines, namely the outdoor living very good to come. The whole terrace is covered by a roof extension with approximately 45 degrees gable roof. From the roof provides over a balcony a magnificent panoramic view of the sea. The romantic native-headliner inside the tower and the rest of the roof space offers the possibility to sleep 4 people. Additional accommodation may be set up in the roof. On the ground floor is still a complete bathroom with shower and toilet, a kitchenette with fridge and dining / living room with direct passage through a 2-leaf sliding door, you have access to the Giant terrace.The entire EC is equipped with easy-care Steinzugfliesen. The furniture is made primarily from tree Bush Oil Group.

- Equipment :

  • - Bora Bora is the realization of a South Sea dream.
  • - A gorgeous Native House 20 meters from the sea with sea view from the roof balcony.
  • - It is in the immediate vicinity of Guard Houses and is thus 24 hours guarded..
  • - Bora Bora Jumbo Bamboohaus 1½ storeys, ground floor kitchen, living food.
  • - Shower room and huge terrace DG: romantic bedroom with tower roof.
  • - Large attic studio on the king-size terrace with balcony, about 20 meters from the sea.
  • - 24 hour gated community.

Rental price :

- 20% 1 - 2 Tage 34,- € 5,- € 19,- € 1536,- PHP
- 30% 3 - 30 Tage 34,- € 7,- € 17,- € 1344,- PHP
- 70% 1 to 2 Monate 1020,- € 711,- € 309,- € 17280,- PHP
- 80% für 3 Monate oder mehr. 1020,- € 814,- € 206,- € 11520,- PHP

Sale price : 29500,- Euro

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Just living once on trial in Bora Bora Bamboo House.

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