But now Germany ade !

 I better go to the Philippines to enjoy my life to...
Dear thePhilippines held in Germany to go stale !

Why Philippines ?..

To give you a little easier to go all in one decision to the Philippines, we have sometimes asked you here a few advantages together. Because there's nothing better to spend his twilight years in peace and relaxed.

1: Strongly Discounted Test Living..

Probewohnen the resort El Paradiso! !

Set the course for their new future. We make the decision easy by Probwohnen and German language. In the largest German Retirement- plants in southern Cebu on White Beach in the Tingko Bay offers a bungalow for Test & Probewohnen. From 4 weeks stay there is even a 50% discount for the test living. Finally, you should always be able to have enough time with no financial pressure to make your decision.

2: Now why the Philippines ?..

- The Philippines is Americanized.

- Use as a business English.

- Cebu has the 2nd big seaport of the Philippines.

- You are politically stable and a strong democracy.

- The Philippines is one of the friendliest people in the world.

- Economically, they are among the small tigers. The peso is gaining more and more value.

- The Philippines is one which few people know about the rogue states. No one controls your money.

- The Philippines has more than 7,000 beautiful islands. Cebu and in Manila, there are large specialty hospitals with American-trained doctors.

- The Philippines are inexpensive and always attract more migrants to thereby. That's good for the betterment More and more lucrative no longer no longer nachlieferbaren Sea Land sold.

3: Why pension in Cebu Philippines ?..

- Cebu is considered the queen of the south.

- Cebu is said to have the most beautiful women.

- Crystal clear water and huge dive sites.

- Pension must not be taxed again.

- Cebu has all universities and international schools.

- Double taxation agreement with Germany.

- Cebu has the 2nd big seaport of the Philippines.

- On Cebu is the phil. Army stationed thus safe from the rebels.

- Cebu has to be continually expanded over vast shopping malls.

- Cebu features like Germany more than 80 million inhabitants and is similar in size.

- The south of Cebu is smoogfrei and shines with its magnificent White Beaches.

- Cebu is therefore the ideal retiree island because all major hospitals approached from the mainland even at Taifun.

- Jose Rizal is studying in Berlin and Heidelberg, a Philippine national hero who fought against the Spanish colonial rule.

3: And now why Germany ade ?..

No one wants to die alone and want and the cost of living is much lower in the Philippines. Add to that the great climate where there are cured by diseases.

- Germany has to expensive nurses also nobody likes going to the German old people's home.

- Nobody wants to be happy to be expropriated by the social services, if the cost of 3500 Euro for the old people's home are priceless.

- There are also high heating costs, electricity costs and water costs and waste costs. Sewage costs there, however not in the Philippines

- Another point is the bad weather, rain, snow and high Steueren & Sozialabgeben and rising debt through continuous EU assistance. Another minus expensive women & their entertainment.

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