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General Questions & Answers Everything you need know !

1. Cheap flights :

CHEAPEST the Edihat airlines fly to Manila. Other mostly Arab and Cathay flying also cheap.

But be careful. The flight is connected again and check out.

In Manila has to be checked in another airport. Who more than 15 to 20 kg and is leading must pay extra for your luggage. Even the flight to Cebu will cost about 80 euros again. Convenient to fly with Cathay and is, if you're in Hong Kong to brief stay selects 16 hrs. Later at 11.30 clock from get ready in Cebu .There are a number of other airlines such as Singapore, Malaysia and Asiana or Korean. The two Korean companies are certainly the cheapest. However, they have very unfavorable flight times (Return after midnight), and 8hrs stay in South Korea. But thus sometimes can be achieved savings of 200 euros per flight and more.

2. Safety :

The Philippines is a developing country in the nature there are a lot of people who have no money, thus there is a fortune difference to any alien. This is used by a criminal group to an asset balance ie theft.

3. We recommend :

Therefore, each new residents to settle only in a gated community. In none of our guarded installations, no violent crime has happened in 20 years. A 60 year-old resident but wanted to see from the side of a mountain ridge outside the plant the sea. Shortly afterward, the island newspapers of an old German woman who was robbed and tied up. Had something been so attractive had the fiends not only your money, jewelry and necklace served but also raped. But attention to the dangers you were only to say: My nice neighbors help me in an emergency.

In another case, the signatory his house was 1km outside the plant mugged and robbed in order to avoid traces. The furniture found at the neighbors.

4. SHRV Tip :

Settle yourself never to an unguarded place.

The uncertainty is too large. If you are not James Bond, and only live once. Also you should avoid conos in the Province. Only in cities, there are fire departments. Tremors were most recently in February 2012.In small houses are the chances of survival in case of fire and earthquake very well.

When 3 or even multi-storey houses regularly breaks out panic. Not settle yourself on small islands, you may have such beautiful beaches. Eventually, you need a very good hospital quickly. This is mostly just in Cebu or Manila.

5. Relocate :

The cheapest are Balikbayan Packages ca.80x80 cm Prix of Germany ca.70-100 Euro. These serve the Filipinos your stuff work in Germany cheap to the Philippines to send.

6. Credit cards :

Many foreigners stranded in the Philippines with credit problems. On most common are Visa and Master Card. Less in use the Maestro card is. Generally one can draw 10000 PHP every day on all machines. In the City Bank of signatories has taken on a day 100000 PHP. Most people forget to let unlock your card in Germany for higher payouts. With Megalink card can be obtained free of charge at 30000 PHP certain banks.

7. Pets :

If you want to take your loyal life companions so that's no problem. You must be healthy and vaccinated, then you are welcome in the Philippines. Of course the usual paperwork. Please therefore at the Phil. Embassy clarifies the rules query the change at short notice constantly.

8. Bank account :

Who needs a bank account to be a leading bank money can be transferred from Germany take our customer service. To apply for US or and Pesokonto with Megalink card without standing in line and without an alien witness to the Immigration office, instead of coffee in the director's room. It could not be any more.

9. SHRV Tip :

Our boss, who has 20 years of first-class customer is, go to the bank and open an account in pesos and US dollars and get hold of a Megalink card and casually drinking coffee while standing instead of snake.

10. Health :

Health is pivotal point in our lives. Naturally there are in the Philippines to a miracle healer. As everywhere, there are also here charlatans who brought the healing profession into disrepute .The signatory knows the north of Cebu a miracle worker who has achieved the miracle to take a German to bladder cancer after 20 minutes. This was the last resort after the German poison dialysis has not responded. The German doctors are still puzzled today. The author has received all documents and witnessed the event himself. But even good doctors are much more common essential if you need them. It is unrealistic to find a first-class scientific medicine on a small island. If you're not adventurous but a man of advanced age should therefore settle there.

Where good doctors and hospitals are .Who Manila does not love the stay not too many options .A them is Cebu with Cebu Doctor and the huge CHONG WA hospital. The undersigned remembers the last visitor had a biliary colic with enormous pain and was tied for typhoon on the island Sibonga.

11. Health insurance :

It requires a thorough analysis in diseased in how far the Phil. Health insurance is suitable. We can create an International Computer analysis for our customers by our specialists. Often it turns out that the famous are not cheap, such as Blue Cross, etc. Sometimes it takes even small tricks to get to enjoy an inexpensive German health insurance. Then even German insurance companies are interesting.

12. wheelchairs :

Wheelchair-friendly homes are one of our hobbies for a long time. A 4-room apartment waiting recently at a very low price on a wheelchair. It can warden retracted on roads height. The 2 room apartment has been sold and was at the same level. Our new buildings are already built for wheelchair users.

13. car import :

No interest is trying to import a German car from Germany, should you not have a diplomatic passport in his luggage haben.100% inch or more. No one tells you the value and customs of your old used.

14. TV :

With Dream TV You see the German wave with your newly created interesting program if you do not like more than 50 foreign. However, n the meantime, come many programs on the Internet. Starting at 3 bytes they can warden mostly received smoothly. A new age is dawning .Telecom has laid the cables in the south to Sola Homes 10 years ago.

15. Condo :

The slogan could be: God protect us from storms and fire and Condos that are in the province. But joking aside. Who would for example in Alcoy move into a higher house when he knows that there is no fire brigade there and this must come from afar Dalaguete. If you still look at the small tank and the much too short ladder and when you look from the bottom up costing 3 small window the millions, the decision is likely to quickly fall on a house, which also has a garden to also see and use can. Of the panic situations such as earthquakes, fire, etc. only to say nothing.

16. Internet :

The Internet has been top notch removed from Telecom 5 years ago. In the guarded facilities of SHRV it is everywhere as a wireless LAN or sooner or later.

17. Prices :

The prices in the Philippines are up to 40% cheaper, depending on the Euro exchange rate and comparative country. Gasoline costs ca.1,00 euros per liter, Diesel and a cappuccino ca.0,80 Euro

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