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    Tingko White Beach Philippines Ceby - Alcoy
    SOLA HOMES R.V. Inc.
    We are market leader in German-language systems in the Philippines &
    build houses,bungalows, apartments and in one of the biggest German
    Resort facility in Cebu- Alcoy Philippines. Because we leave nothing to chance !
    Sola Homes Retriment Village Inc.
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    The resort EL Paradiso is located on the famous beach - Beach of Tingko bay.
    The total investments in EL Paradiso I, II and III in connection with king Arthur´s Place,
    are the only residence facilities for German - specking foreigners along the water at the
    White Beach Just looking specimen in on of our homes - Bungalows - Apartments
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The Philippines market leader in German-speaking Retirement systems ... Learn more here !

Sola Homes Retirement Village Inc.

Homes - Bungalows - Apartments & plots in the Philippines.

We are the market leader in German-language systems in the Philippines and build houses, bungalows, apartments and in one of the largest German department facility in Cebu - Alcoy Philippines. On our site you will find many houses and properties for sale or rent. As we expand our department repeatedly you with a variety of offerings available. Look around in peace because we are unbeatable in price and performance. The company is headed by the experienced SHRV CEO Jürgen Rilling. He has created Germany in his 40 years of service for both construction companies in the thermal Bau AG, Europe more than 1,000 homes. More about SHRV build can be found here on our website. Because there are many reasons to now go to the Philippines it was expecting there because of the weather, or simply because of the low cost one. Our houses have nothing to be desired, and here is something for everyone safe. Look around in peace because here you will find not only properties but also useful information about our resort & on the beautiful Philippines.


build ?

The manager of Sola Homes Retirement Village INC. is G. Mahinay. Co-owner and board member Jürgen R. Rilling and former President of the German National Con- struction Law & Constructions..



Convince yourself of our unique purchase & rental offers in the resort complex El Paradiso directly at Tingko White Beach in Cebu - Alcoy Philippines. Ideal for to overwinter & Emigration.



The resort complex with many purchase & rental properties. Just look once pure and convince yourself of our services. Again, very interesting for people who want to say goodbye to Germany.



Everything you should know before you go to the Philippines and then to spend his twilight years. All risks at a glance. What do I have to observe due and where does it best.


On the Philippines & life where others vacation emigrating.

You have already seen, life in Germany is becoming increasingly expensive. The taxes ever higher, so that despite high merit nothing left end of the month. We already work until August for the tax office. Through subsidies for Greece and the already pending further countries Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium and perhaps even France, our debt is so high that inflation is inevitable. Why wait until it's too late? Because there are many reasons to go to the Philippines and to enjoy life as long as you still can not. Our gives you here a little insight and information that will help you make your decision a little easier eventually to spend your retirement years.

We provide a range of purchase and rental properties in order to naturally give you a good start in the Philippines from the beginning can. If you can not decide among many amenities then we invite you cordially. You can easily & then decide Probewohnen in peace with us. Sure it's not easy for them, but we have something to offer here to suit all budgets. With us you get right on Tingko White Beach houses, bungalows and apartments with excellent facilities. Escape the cold and wet Germany & hibernate or migrate easily from Germany and say goodbye. Simple can be a an offer not to experience here in the Philippines again how beautiful life can be.

What offers - Sola Homes Retirement Village Inc.
We offer expert advice and real estate at unbeatable prices.

Our homes are built in a resort area and have all the latest facilities which one can imagine as a homeowner. Furthermore, you are lifted very safe in our system because this is guarded around the clock. Of course, you will feel right from the start very well because of course you also have German neighbors with whom you will understand very quickly. The resort is built right on White Beach Tingko and you have just a few meters to the beach. Also you can jump into the pool thing in the morning because you've got in front of your house.

Why the Philippines Emigration and not in another country ?

The Philippines is one of the cheapest countries in which you can still enjoy his retirement. We once asked you here on our pages all the benefits together. These can be found at knowing. Also you will find here all information about the Philippines. Just who wants to turn his back on Germany should be read on our pages a bit clever. It's not just the cost that you. To save over Germany No, you always have nice weather and live with your retirement better here many times Because even with a pension of 500, - EUR You are here a little king deserves because compared a Filipino here just 250 euros a month. Of course there are not all the benefits mentioned because there are 100 other reasons but everyone has other ideas about his life abroad. If you naturally also considered the fiscal side there's a reason where you should say and off they go to the Philippines. Why the stress in Germany live when you can be a little king here yet. And why should I have to pay in Germany if I can put in the Philippines feet high here. Dear apply for a visa instead of in Germany social assistance or do you think? For what pensioners can pay with his pension because the whole story. Unfortunately, you only live once and you should still enjoy life a little. But that does not have to be in Germany or? In the Philippines, life is still worth living and be a little king once in a lifetime.

Resort EL Paradiso & King Arthurs´s Place
Do not leave your place of residence in the Philippines to chance !

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Just off from Germany to the Philippines
What keeps you still in Germany? Invest in the Philippines

Today it is so that everyone is closest and one can no longer rely on the German government. Because every year it will be different with the laws and regulations. Today you feel safe but what about tomorrow? Why do people get your coal from non-European countries? You've worked hard for your money and want the your money safe ready for the future is to your retirement to spend alone. This is of course not possible in Germany. Today, it is very important that you invest your money well. Why not. In a property in the Philippines and also in order to gain so all tax benefits.Invest in the Philippines and live your life with evening sun, beach, sea & at rest

The Philippines is a country forinvestment because there is my money still safe !

Certainly have a lot of people but your money in Switzerland parked over time is your coal as no longer safe. It is better if you invest your money in a legal way. Namely, in the Philippines for the first you have a Top property and secondly, it is legal and thirdly, you do not have something like this. Rental income and subsistence. Here, of course, other factors also play a major role. The Philippines is Americanized and business language is English. And are one of the friendliest countries in the world and are politically stable and have a strong democracy. Life in the Philippines is far easier than you might think. For very little money compared to Germany one gets here a house Add to that the tax aspects. Alone when you consider how much you can save on heating costs compared with Germany. Because here there are now only 30 C Water & Air Temperature. Certainly the Philippines one of the best countries to invest today. Today buy then rent and occupy themselves in old age. Even here, with your narrow pension from Germany, you can be a little king.
We have asked you here on our sites additional information together. Look out for our home - Bungalow - Apartment offers at unbeatable prices.

Immigration and Visas for the Philippines ! Dear quickly a visa for the Philippines to apply as such Hartz 4 in Germany !.. For
Visa !
Prohabitation at our resort El Paradiso test us easy easy !

Set the course for their new future. We make the decision easy by Probewohnen and German language. In the largest German Retirement- plants in southern Cebu on White Beach in Tingko Bay offers a bungalow for Test & Probewohnen. From 4 weeks stay there is even a 50% discount for the test living. Finally, you should always be able to have enough time with no financial pressure to make your decision.Here below you can see ever a small selection of our offers.