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Beach-residential land directly on White Beach. The Philippinen once again experience different...

Let this living landscape in the Philippines enchanted. You can not expect a new Waith Beach but also very good living possibilities. We provide not only houses for sale or to rent but also excellent plots at this resort. For further information on building sites or home purchase or to rent, please contact us.

King Arthur brings your childhood dreams !

Nostalgic protected entrance, in the Beach-residential land of King Arthur, right on White Beach.

In a magnificent park-like setting between the towns of Alcoy and Dalaguete is KING ARTHUR PLACE. It is a facility which located between Highway and sea with many passing bus passengers the Aha effect triggers. Protected by meter-high castle walls with battlements and turrets dainty wax makes it to the street the appearance of a fortified castle from the fairytale world thousand and one nights. This effect is improved even further by a meter large luminous banner with Ludwig II, his fairytale castle Neuschwanstein.

In fact :

At night, Germany's splendor lock no. 1 lit castle Neuschwanstein in the Highway. The small guard turrets that adorn the entrance round could be borrowed from the fantasies of Andersen's fairy tale world. Would not it really and would occupied by bodily Guards. Who the Guards open the heavy castle gates, the opening up inside the plant a beautiful view to the sea and gives the view freely on the kilometer-long White Beach, since the system is open to the sea. At high tide the water comes directly to the plant. At low tide, however, can be a few hundred meters walk knee-deep in the sea and safely. Ideal this is especially for children. The plant KING PLACE Arturs is currently under construction. It may still some places with houses from € 10,454 (cash price) be built. Ruins there are € 7,500. Just a few hundred meters from the complex there is an international high-altitude restaurant, which is run by a German. The market, the town hall, the police and the doctor are within easy reach in a few minutes by bus stops in front of the plant or the countless Tricycle. Thus, Cebu City is just within easy reach. Particularly enthusiastic are the residents of the facility by the wind that blows constantly across the open sea to the plant.

calypso king

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