Resort El Paradiso Cebu - Alcoy Philippines !

  Emigration to the Philippines and a house in El Paradiso. Probewohnen in our system ...
Resort complex EL Paradiso in the Philippines !

Our resort ..

We welcome you at the resort EL Paradiso in Cebu - Alcoy in the Philippines. We present here our once beautiful facility which is located right on White Beach Tingko once before. With us you get houses, apartments and bungalows at very good terms. We offer purchase and rental properties in one of the finest facilities in Cebu - Alcoy. Here again are some impressions and pictures from our resort. But best to convince yourself about our offers, where with us just once Probewohnen. We from the resort EL Paradiso are looking forward to welcoming you soon as our guest.


bar pool
house bar rental

Our swimming pools !

Here you can see some pictures of our swimming pools in El Paradiso. And we hope to be able to give you a no impression how beautiful it is here in the plant. Enjoy easy time in our plant and use our offer to test living.

philippines buy houses
bungalow apartments

1 : Strongly Discounted Test Living ..

Prohabitation the resort El Paradiso !

Set the course for their new future. We make the decision easy by Prohabitation and German language. In the largest German Retirement- plants in southern Cebu on White Beach in the Tingko Bay offers a bungalow for Test & Probewohnen. From 4 weeks stay there is even 70% discount for the test living. Finally, you should always be able to have enough time with no financial pressure to make your decision.

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We are happy to assist you in your projects. Set up your requests to us with confidence.