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  All risks that should be avoided in order to live in the Philippines ...
General Tips & advice which you should observe...

Risk 1. Dubious Internet broker expensive your home by up to 20%.

Beware of cheap offers of fraudsters who are always more and more with increasing numbers interested. Increasingly, there are brokers who expect by passing an address, commissions of over 10%, although the customer has to pay again to agent 5%. This means an unnecessary increase in the cost of up to 15%! We therefore reject such partnerships from the interests of our customers and work with reputable agents to real conditions! One of these brokers offers such. B. Immobilienscout a bungalow in Cebu by 90,000 €, which it offers at Immonet, 29,000 €. In fact, the bungalow has long been sold and had a hook (which was of course silent on offer): No Water !

2. Risk land ripoff.

Others offer at dumping prices, and of course against payment, property that is not secured by a Right of Way, are still registered, let alone yours! Thus, the supposedly cheap deals remembered very quickly cost you your hard saved money. A fortiori should not rely on Philippine rumors you. Many buyers complain reumutig their suffering. If you foreigners without Phil. Women are, on the plot runs by name, so you should certainly convince you of the seriousness of the seller and place it on your special hedge value.

Risk 3. Trust is good - security better.

It is therefore advisable to receive your future partner a complete stranger Economic Information (Creditreform, etc.) on the last place of residence in Germany, and a bank statement in the Philippines to catch up. This is then also made it clear that your partner is already due to property crimes on the wanted list or whether it is so potent that it can be held liable for any damage to property or he dished construction defects at least one year. This must apply all the more so that he is always, as usual in the Philippines, working with your prepayments. Even so, some of the self-appointed contractors were not seen after walked off advance.

Risk 4. Never build wild !

In particular, you should seek the protection of an installation does not finish and if possible leave an unattended plot, nor tighten on a remote island or in the mountains alone, without concrete or asphalt Barangay Road and at least secured street supply. Even if it still seems so cheap! Finally, you have your home at times, can be alone (vacation, business trip, shopping in the City). Likewise, you have your residence in the rainy season can be reached by car. Many vehicles in the Philippines are ruined by early deep potholes and gravel roads. Convince photos straight from the recent past, more than words (fire, vandalism, burglary, etc.). We will gladly show you. Finally opportunity makes the thief. Trust only security 24 hours. Guarded at plants. Do not be persuaded that the neighbors watch your house, because the practice shows that your neighbor, when you need it, did not see anything, especially since everyone is related to everyone as the following example shows :

Do you really want to take that risk ?

Never build wild outside a gated community ! ! !

A practical example of May 2007 near Alcoy (read in the police report): We have there a 60.000 € - Villa to a German and his Filipino wife, until the completion of their home, rented. As a result of a death, they had to Oslob and the house a few hours left alone. Luckily they took with their two young children. When they came back in the night, was offered her a picture of horror. Your money, your passport and valuables were gone and the house burned to the ground. The thieves apparently wanted to leave no trace, which have also succeeded. And the neighbors of 4 ringsumstehenden houses of course did not see anything.

Risk 5. Only a 24 hr. Gated community offers security.

When times get even more restless you are exposed to looting, kidnapping or even rape defenseless outside a plant. The most beautiful building site is devalued suddenly! Your family and usually a part of your savings is exposed to avoidable risk. Note: A detached house can be useful at all only if it is itself continuously inhabited continuously and never leave it alone. Also, do not go shopping. After all, you are getting older and therefore dependent. What do you do in an emergency, if you need help and you are alone somewhere in the boonies. Maybe talk to your next door neighbors not speak German? Here offer systems with German speakers for you and your family even further protection. On top of that you will receive the group insurance of natural hazard insurance for typhoon, theft and flooding for about 100-200 € pa allows what outside a facility, if any, would be much more expensive.

6. risk live on islands outside Cebu.

You and your family should already be very healthy, guaranteed to never have a serious accident and have at least a speedboat with operator. In addition, the weather should play in order to achieve in time the corresponding well-equipped hospitals in Manila or Cebu in an emergency. Otherwise, it would be more appropriate in an emergency (such as myocardial infarction, etc.), you can save your family the stress and lie down in the previously dug family vault in your garden. Headlines in this direction make almost daily round ( last on Sibuyan Iceland ).

Often found on small islands lack the necessary equipment, as Defribrilatoren etc. Also the living and shopping is on islands difficult (buying furniture on the ship, etc.), from the lack of appreciation and poor resale opportunities only to say nothing, you are much worse as on the two main islands of Cebu and Luzon! Of the expensive dream islands like Boracay only to say nothing. On the one hand there is the crime rate due to the many foreigners is very high. There is for someone else's life for long-term visitors or residents too expensive and impractical. But Boracay is indisputably the most beautiful holiday island of the Philippines. Through the press and the raid went on the famous island owner St. from Munich. Cash and passports were a robbery victim. The police reached the island until the next day or later.

Risk 7. Illegal land lease contracts.

Again and again, lease contracts may last for 60-80 years or even 99 years. This is illegal. Permits are contracts of 25 years with 25 years extension. Quite clever seller, the rights after not starting but can already paid Ruins again free himself falling. Also, for some reason always failed those contracts to be registered within the Register of Deed at the Capitol for the buyer's safety. Failure to do so this looks phil. Law for sellers and buyers in prison before.

Conclusion :

Abroad, it is due to the numerous potential pitfalls, insufficient existing consumer protection and a jumble of sometimes contradictory rules, offices and laws and language barriers more important than in Germany, to trust only a reputable and sufficiently potent partner. Positive builders and at least 10 years of experience minimize your risk. Quite ideal is, of course, if your partner in Germany is still a focal point (not only Internet address and place of residence in Hong Kong and Tibet) has, which of course none other than the German. Einwohnermeldeamt knows he has logged there.

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