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Stand 12/2017

We will live for you on the basis of their information to the transfer as well as the accommodation booking, as soon as we receive your travel booking and payment. We do not offer any travel services as a whole, but only at a discounted sample living for our bauinteressenten around the system, not your accommodation, to test for your own Bvh. It is not therefore a cheap holiday mostly in a whole house with up to 70% discount on 5-star base. But we offer willing the possibility to test the system and the environment. The property portfolio will be released to test live. The facilities will be made by the client or buyer at time of purchase. If a kitchen available, it will be tea kitchen with hot water heaters and tea utensils. Larger meals can be taken in the nearby restaurant. Hobby cooks will be able in the nearby market your special pots, gas-or Electric cooker etc. purchase price value. These can extract to 50% of the purchase price.

Please note that, if the Fully Paid Bungalow / apartment as a result of a circumstance which is not our responsibility, cannot be seized, the cost of the bungalow reservation as well as the costs for the transfer is not refundable. Kulanter in hard cases, however, a voucher for a catch up of the stay will be issued within 3 months. Finally we will send all customers want to rent the bungalow, the path and the transfer vehicle is approximately 100 km from the south to pick them up. Contrary to the usual practice, we charge only the price family, not per person. The changes in your flight, so the message must be communicated by e-mail at least 5 working days in advance...if canceled after payment or direct debit is no longer possible.

It is not a holiday resort, but cheap sightseeing bungalows, quasi to the trial is to get to know in the system and not the inhabited place to stay. It can therefore not be ruled out that some of the free parking just cultivated. In this case, you will have the opportunity, the quality of the houses in the manufacture and the inspiring work ethic of our construction workers, finally, your house will be created by the same people to admire.

If your stay As a result of a defect in the rented house substantially affected, it is this lack of a suitable place in writing immediately, otherwise no claims. Damages due to non-uniform provision of the accommodation contract, the customer within a week after the contractual end of stay against SOLA HOMES RETIREMENT VILLAGE INC. in Cebu. After the expiry of the period, the customer can only assert claims if it is caused by the fault of Sola Homes to observe the time limit could have been prevented. The contractual claims of the customer due to defects shall lapse after one month. The period of limitation begins with the day of the discovery of the defect. The transfer is only. Claims against these are possibly directly from the transporter or the owner of the vehicle or the airline or tour operator to assert it.

It is understood, that in the event of a sale of the house or apartments by third parties, the trial is completed. In this case, SOLA HOMES RETIREMENT VILLAGE INC. an equivalent house or apartment. Further claims are excluded.

The prices in the price list printed: for the number of persons and the number of children. Each additional person over 10 years pays the full price, 2 children up to 10 years free of charge. Check-in time 14:00. Check out time is 12 hours a day. Ining between 12 - 21 h against more against a 2 €/hour. Surcharge.

This is another advantage From SOLA HOMES RETIREMENT VILLAGE INC. are common in resorts prices per person. You can also use a prepaid phone card for your mobile phone (on the Phil. As a cellular), in order to save buy the roaming charge. If necessary, your mobile phone must be unlocked for the Philippines, what is possible for little money.

Our accommodation tip hotels in Cebu in Cebu City are relatively cheap; from 1000 - 4000 Peso Peso. We recommend because of its central location, in the center, the cheap Elegant Circle (Tel 63 32) 2541601, 2541606 - Fax: (63 32), directly at the Fuente Osmenia, the heart of Cebu City. A beautiful room is the Junior Suite Room 516 or 616 with stunning panoramic views of the Fuente Osmeria high glazed area. For the first night ( if you arrive after 15 pm ) price approx. 2000 P ( about 40 €). Most beautiful are the suites 501 or 601 with huge, floor-to-ceiling windows and approximately 40 m² room size, price approx. € 4000 Php ( 80 ). Say you have a beautiful greeting from Mr. Rilling of SOLA HOMES RETIREMENT VILLAGE INC.

EL PARADISO and KING ARTHUR'S Place for lovers of the Philippines, the quiet, pristine natural beaches, clean sea and a 24-hour guarded plant, eminently suitable. Night Clubs, cabarets, etc. are in Cebu City (approx. 2.5 Busstunden north) and only for about 2 €, with the bus, easily accessible, especially as the bus stop is located in front of our plants. The plants are mainly used as residence of German pensioners. For divers, the diving station on the upstream house reef of El Paradiso. It can also be booked diving courses.

Singles also make like the SOLA HOMES RETIREMENT VILLAGE INC. River Boat Club. Between renting or selling, errors and omission are reserved. Court of Jurisdiction Cebu/Phil.

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