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What I need is a permanent visa to get ?

Resident Visa & Speeds Philippines !

In addition to the "normal requirements" such as a passport, application, passport photos, health certificate, etc. which brings almost every course on immigration with them, the different groups of people need the following requirements :

Married: who is married to a Filipina, applied for a Permanent Residence Visa for ( § 13A ) at the immigration :

- Completed application

- 6 passport photos 2 "x 2"

- Endorsement of the Filipino spouse

- Birth certificate of Phil spouse, authenticated by the NSO.

- Immigration Clearance Certificate ( provides immigration from ).

- Police Certificate, certified by the Phil. Embassy in Berlin.

- 20.000, - Peso fee (10,000 for the Application & 10,000 for the exhibition

- Marriage Certificate in English, issued or legalized by the Embassy Phil..

- Health certificate issued by an authorized by the PLRA doctor or hospital.

- Proof that you can support a family, here may also be a fixed deposit amount required on a Philippine account.

- Please can possibly at the next immigration advice office, sometimes there are also other ways to get the visa.

This visa may be issued on the Philippine Embassy in Germany. Normal mortals who are not married to a Filipina can get (Retirement) visa from the PLRA, try a time.
( See address below )

There are 2 options :

Rentner ohne eine Rente :

- 35 - 49 years old: 50,000 - US $ on a fixed deposit account in the Philippines.

- 50 years and older: 20.000, - US $ on a fixed deposit account in the Philippines.

- Former Filipinos: 1500, - US $ on a fixed deposit account in the Philippines.

Pensioners with pensions :

- With an annuity or pension of at least US $ 800 (single) pensioners or 1000, - US $ (couple).

- Old from 50 years old:. 10,000, - US $ on a pretend fixed deposit account in the Philippines plus at least 800, - $ US pension / month.

Note: The fixed-term deposits can be specified alternatively, as follows :

- Long term rental for a piece of land with house, condominium or townhouse for at least 20 years..

- Purchase of shares in a golf -or Country Club.

Related visa holders: Who is directly pretext with a holder of "Retirement" Visas, can also get such a visa without an additional amount of money must be set. It is required only evidence of the degree of dependency / relationship and of course the fee of 300, - USD. However, this applies to max. 2 persons. Additional Dependences (children under 21 years old and single) have an amount of 15,000, then re - define USD.

Holders of such Retirement Visa`s have the following advantages, Benefits :

- Multiple entries.

- Right to permanent residence.

- Duty-free import of private goods up to a value of 7000, - USD.

- Exemption from the "Exit and Re Entry Clearance" through immigration.

- Exemption from a special student permission (special study permit).

- Right a condominium unit to own a "Condominium Certificate of Title" (CCT).

- Exemption from the Traveltax, provided the person was less than 1 year in the Philippines.

- A privilege to work in the Philippines, after the issuance of a work permit corr (I do not know whether the privilege is really ??? ).

- Guaranteed return of the above fixed-term deposit. Actually, a matter of course, the money is usually gone with other people.


Conclusion: Both permanent visa, 13A and Retirement, (Balik Bayan Visa and / or permanent extensions as a tourist) you have to wonder whether the time and expense is worthwhile, especially since you can linger long in the Philippines and in other ways it. are a number of ways in enjoyment of life - to get visas. One way to lead a work visa can be requested by a student assistant. Common operating system is renter Visa.

  Let your stay not just tochance !