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Why build with SHRV ?

The manager of Sola Homes Retirement Village INC. is G. Mahinay. Co-owner and board member Jürgen R. Rilling and former President of the German National Construction Law and Construction and the 40-year CEO of thethermo BAU AG in Munich / Gruibingen and GF, the ICR Massivhaus GmbH in Berlin / Gruibingen was. In addition, he has as president of the Central Association for Construction Law and the collection for Construction Law and Construction written a number of extensive construction law -Ratgeber for builders, contractors and architects. During this time he has continued to create more than 1,000 homes in Europe. For this he was in recognition of his entrepreneurial success in the benefit for the local economy for its 40 years of activity of the IHK Stuttgart and Munich IHK with thank-you certificates of honor ausgezeichnet.Dieses knowledge comes now for 20 years the prospects of Sola Homes benefit!

Why build in EL PARADISO ?

EL PARADISO has an optimal protection. Several armed guards observe day and night, side both the sea as well as the highway. EL PARADISO is the leading facility at White Beach in the Bay Tingko knows no ebb. A giant Sea shore allows not only magnificent Swim and water sports, but also romantic berths for boats as well as an unobstructed view of the neighboring islands of Bohol, etc. In addition, EL PARADISO has an extensive infrastructure with restaurant, Thai Restaurant, Beach Bar, Pool Bistro and Tower Coffee Shop. Much attention is also the giant swimming pool with Jacuzzi, waterfall, floodlit by underwater spots and Kids Pool. EL PARADISO is located on the Highway. The bus stops right outside to Cebu Maingate before investing. However, hardly any traffic noise can be heard inside the large estate.

Why EL PARADISO tsunami protection ?

The island of Cebu is surrounded by numerous neighboring islands. It is not at the ocean but in the quiet Tingko bay. An offshore reef the larger waves are intercepted. Due to the protected bay Tingko there is also no major breakers. The water is mostly quieter than the Lake Constance and is ideal if you can swim and snorkel.

Why fire ?

The Houses are built mainly massive and equipped with reinforced concrete or steel roofs. Unlike Condos you immediately passes from the single-storey houses in the saving Free. No fire escapes necessary for multi-storey buildings, elevator or jump towels. These are important points which is why we do not build multi-storey houses in EL PARADISO. What is more, the Alcoy has no fire brigade. This comes from the Dalaguete 20 minutes away. That means in plain text is the earliest half an hour after fire breaks out there and consists of a vehicle. If the tank is sprayed empty it takes more than half an hour until you refueled. Build only 1 full basement with DG and conclude our community fire insurance: Therefore our advice. This is very cheap. (From 70, - Euro pa incl earthquakes, flooding and typhoon.).

Why Ertbeben protection ?

The area around Alcoy is not prone to earthquakes .Kommt it but at a earthquake happens in our homes relatively little. The last earthquake, which has become noticeable by year 2012 no cracks were visible. Personal injury are virtually excluded from our bungalows, since no danger of collapse without being able to leave the house before, as in the multi-storey houses. Apart from that you can insure the houses for a small fee to earthquake, fire and flood.

Why is so SHRV the bestprice ?

The houses are made directly between our architect without the interposition of many foreign companies and the client. Economic construction and inexpensive, incorporated building crews are trained on our system, ensure short construction times and low prices. Thus in accounts otherwise necessary costs and profit margins. In addition, no large distribution is maintained. The largest turnover is done by word of mouth publicity.

Why SHRV so sure ?

The reason is to be found in the massive construction, and the massive roofs. We also build only 1geschossige houses. The subsoil consists of coral. This creates no danger of slipping on landslide-prone slopes during heavy rainfalls. Apart from the plants lie flat on the seafront. Incidentally, what is true for fire and earthquake -Security has already been said. No multi-storey houses and inhabit insure everything. Half a dozen armed guards and security staff to ensure that you can leave your house alone carefree. In 20 years, it is therefore never came to violent crime or a robbery.

Why are SHRV houses so popular ?

The houses have been lovingly designed by the architect. Everything has not been approved in Germany because beauty does not fit the uniformed German construction areas, we build in the Philippines Square houses with lids are thus frowned upon us. That's why many locals come to our stylish houses to admire. Finally, the Filipinos have little architectural culture. Everything Stylish still comes from the Spanish and consists of old churches, watchtowers, etc. and is therefore strictly protected. We build villas German people, in addition, houses with roof concreted ice cream just like Cococobana, Quattro houses six-and octagon houses with pointed gables and dormers, to Cave houses made of shotcrete underground right on the water. Where others fill their terraces in the most expensive locations, we use in the padded room for design full living room. Many Asians and foreigners marvel at the idea. We is clear that many of them are from the competition to usual abzukupfern our ideas as in Asia. But for our think tank no problem. The original with the cull teething is only available from us.

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