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Resort El Paradiso - King Arthur's Place & Tinko White Beach - Cebu - Alcoy Philippines.

We are the market leader in German-language systems in the Philippines and build houses, bungalows, apartments and in one of the largest German department facility in Cebu - Alcoy Philippines. We present here on this site once before how beautiful the Philippines is and what to expect here. Ranging from our resort El Paradiso, King Arthur's Place the Tinko White Beach through to Cebu & Manila. In our video you can see how to reach coming from Manila easily to Cebu. Of course we hope to you here can give a little insight how beautiful the Philippines. The Philippines are one of the friendliest countries in the world and offer a lot of culture and attractions that you should experience at least once.

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Exclusive video about the city Manila Tinko whith Beach & Cebu City.
stadt manila
City Manila Philippines
Tinko White Beach Philippinen
Tinko White Beach Philippines
cebu city Philippinen
Cebu City Philippines
Exclusive video information about the Resort El Paradiso & King Arthur's Place
Resort EL Paradiso
Resort EL Paradiso Philippines
Resort King Arthurs Place Philippinen
Resort King Arthurs´s Place philippines
EL Paradiso
Getting to the El Paradiso Resot.