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Does this sound familiar. Whenever you need electricity there is no one. But here you have ready solutions. Once a look at our solutions and you will be thrilled. For questions regarding the individual products which are presented here contact us easily.

Solar Boats

Here is a whole new photovoltaic powered motor boats in slow speed, battery-driven to slide through the waves.

Globuan Wind Generator

New development without speed limitation. This causes a hydraulic braking system that the rotor itself in storms in a speed range of 500 - holds 600 rpm. The power range is, depending on the wind speed at, approximately 100 - 600 Watts. The Aufwindstaerke is about 1.5 m / sec.

Our new photovoltaic innovations offer more performance with low cost price.

Looking for a better and more favorable semiconductor material they came across the so-called CIS technology. Here, a copper-indium-gallium-selenium mixture is evaporated on a glass plate which is opposite to the conventional silicon coatings brings particular advantages. The module is cheaper to produce and thus competitive compared to other forms of energy. "Our secret is the technique, such as the CIS is applied," said the inventor.

  • Globuan Wind Generator

  • Simply unbeatable. This wind generator provides power where you need it urgently.
  • Desalination

  • The simple and effective way to make clean drinking water from seawater.
  • Use at the resort

  • Our Resort uses these facilities with great Success. Price & tune performance.

Seawater desalination for decentralized use for residences from 5x Euro 780 = Euro 3,900 !

According to a report of the World Health Organization 480 million people currently suffer from acute water shortage. 5 million have died annually because of that, of which 4 million children. This harrowing account was also born of an intense research work. Due to the worldwide coverage of the sensational new development, made a breakthrough this completely new environmentally friendly water extraction system. After everything that had been on the market seemed much too expensive for the countries in which the water problem is acute. Not least because the inventors have made up to the problem and developed on the basis of the existing solar module a plant for seawater desalination that works cost, easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free, has a long life and is simple to manufacture. The result was a small system that produces 1,000 liters of water from sea water at a reasonable price. The system has a life expectancy of 30 years and can be taken from the laity in about three and a half hours in operation. This enables the supply of the population be ensured. After the trial period in the Philippines are still channeled through the entire Philippines across regional offices. For this existence here are interested with English language skills that are possible resident in a facility of Sola Homes Inc. is preferred because there also each have a demonstration plant is built. Since the equipment can reduce the water shortage in the Philippines to a considerable degree, also Philippine government agencies interested in the system.

Water stations in the Philippines

It is also planned a water filling station on a small Philippine island off Bohol, the entirely (freshwater) waterless residents, leave as a gift to. According to the manufacturer the freshwater obtained by the distillation process is purer than that for even after the German Drinking Water Regulations. B. would be required. Since the systems consist of modules, depending on the water demand any number of desalination plants can be put together, so that all the housing estates can be powered by an environmentally friendly solar system with fresh water. Sola Homes Inc. has the necessary software to ensure targeted the specific needs of water and where the necessary design of the plant. The company believes that the plant will not only trigger in the Philippines a lot of enthusiasm, but also subsequently in Thailand.

Results that amaze !

The award-winning property stands out not only by its economic function. Earnings stunned: The product is pure water, without damaging minerals, salts or germs. The high temperatures takes place a permanent sanitation. The product has a built-heated heat exchanger before the fed raw water. The product can be used as drinking water, as well as for technical and industrial purposes. An excellent fitness results for the irrigation of crops and for cattle watering. Due to lack of salt to the water requirement is reduced overall. The wastewater can be used for watering plants with a high salt tolerance. In the distillation of sea water, the brine is to use in salt pans. Pro m³ raw water up to 35 kg of salt are there to win. An additional source of income.

ASIAN High Tech Market Made in Germany

Due to the first-class connections from Sola Homes Inc. through its Advisory Board Member Prof. Dr. Chaiwoot Chaipan, an economics professor at Chulalongkorn University, who is eager today to present this highlight from Germany to his compatriots. Is merely clarified yet whether the manufacturing plant in the Philippines and will supply Thailand or whether in Thailand a special production will be constructed. Judging by the thousands of requests that are brought about Internet from around the world by government agencies and private interested to the manufacturer, can easily be derived, the enormous economic value of the newly developed system has worldwide. Finally already exists in many countries of the world water shortage. Not without reason has in some big cities, in the Philippines, the water will be rationed. This is especially true in times of El Nino. However, after to be expected at any time with Meerwassernot, and also the sun, at least the diffuse light radiation, regular free makes the distillation, solar sea water desalination plant in fact can be considered as an environmentally friendly and highly economical way to drinking water, on the remotest island, generate most inexpensive.

Positive side effect :

Up to 35 kg are produced precious, pure sea salt per 1 seawater as a quasi waste product. The own Saline is thus a supplementary source of income.

The sun can save daily, numerous people die of thirst before !

The Desilanationsmaschinen about the sun can be per 5 units approx 50l drinking water produce. Enough to 20 people a day die of thirst before the rescue.

Positive side effect :

Need drinking water in large quantities, the SOLA POWER WATERMAKER offers itself. He has the advantage of a minimal space requirement. Depending on your needs, there are plants with an hourly capacity 18-283 l! They are used both for the desalination of seawater, brackish water and to purify drinking water. As a special highlight you even allow use with low-voltage (12 / 24V) and thus open up photovoltaikische insertions by the sun.

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