Germany ade Emigration Philippines !

  Emigration why not go to the Philippines and enjoy life ...
So new Germany ade iI go to the Philippines !

Why emigrate ?..

Gone are the more adventurous or hippies, today Germany say ,, Adios ", but honest family men who can no longer be led around by the nose by politicians and authorities. In particular, pensioners who leave them the politicians left, live at best. And since Germany is certainly not one of them. In fact, in the past, about 150,000 people from. Not without reason is this year a record year with 650,000 emigrants. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. How many there are probably still in Germany live, but have terminated internally? Many are still looking for the right country. How many are also considered citizens of Germany, but live as long stays most of the time of year where the year the sun shines and the water temperature 28 degrees does not fall below.

1: advantages over Germany ..

Save your euros before the upcoming inflation !

Of course it is a long way from such a dream to its fulfillment. Save time and make people feel such a decision addition, and make them often of the pension and retirement-dependent. The money is not enough for a carefree life in southern justify many Her hesitation. But what happens when the bankrupt Greeks and other ailing euro states trigger an inflation? Then you have nothing saved for years. Your money is gone

2: Instead of heating costs 30 C. Water & Air Temperature ..

Never pay more heating costs, but enjoy the pleasant all-year climate of the Philippines with 30 degree water & air temperature. This saves you the annoying at the same time energy costs for oil and and and .. It is not so much the money as our sample calculation shows that you lack. but the necessary determination. For only the sale of a house or a small company can today with proper tax planning & good investments be enough to live in a low-cost country, without you ever need to work again.

The monny for Filipinos..

Already an amount of 250 € / month. makes you in the Philippines to the top earners. This is precisely the wage that a worker receives, that he is working for a whole month. Since your retirement, however, not just 150 € is, but many times more, so does their standard of living to the same extent. Escape now their fate as long as it's not too late.

3: Heating water - waste water..

Gas for heating in the Philippines is superfluous. If you do not pay at all for minerals, then most of the petrol or diesel your car, the less than half as costs in the Philippines in Germany.

Water & Wastewater is also true for the water. In EL PARADISO a cubic meter of water costs just about € 0.80. Wastewater charges as in Germany alone 2 - 3 € cause only fall not on. Also, the water price of € 0.80 should be 300% cheaper than the one paying now. Please place in accompanying costs compared your numbers and set the course for their future now.

4: Act now !

Do not forget to act in time now. Make the current account, which you have to pay every month for your German old people's home, if you forget to put the course now a new future. Escape the German old people's home. Do not just turn off like a piece of wood all day somewhere. As everyone knows, there is, despite the high price, not guarantee the quality of service. Despite staff call goes so often, something in the pants ". The individual service is lacking. Quite different in the Philippines. For 100 € you get the 24 hour full service from friendly Filipinas or Filipinos. Instead of muffligen retirement home in no time has the to push a wheelchair in the garden, on the Philippines enjoy the wonderful climate, the sun and the sea. And all that much cheaper than in Germany.

If you are not yet in need of care and of retirement age, the better. Then you should take advantage of this opportunity while you still relate a good income and prepare your pillow in the Philippines. As long as you are still employed somewhere, you still get cheap loans up to € 50,000 without any problems, without specifying what you actually plan with this.

4: Now set the course !

However, if you are planning on the other hand, to emigrate before the retirement age, because to work in Germany is no longer profitable, so as you recommended our business sites on the Internet. Happy to advise you as well as a cup of coffee in Germany on the issues :

- How do you legally the ruinous tax liability in Germany to escape.

- What to look for when investing abroad.

- How do you double your income in one fell swoop.

Act now! Quitting is indeed much more difficult than beginnings. This is also the reason why thousands of people are on many cemeteries, who made it only after the second heart attack to stop. But by then it was too late. Work your way not to death, but take so much time that you can spend at least some of their money while still alive. Even well-meaning your heirs, will understand this.

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